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Colleen Getz

Manager of Forensic Services

As Manager of Forensic Services at PCA, Colleen is responsible for the recruitment, training, and supervision for Forensic Interview Specialists.  Colleen also supervises and supports the Custodian of Records.  Colleen facilitates and participates in peer reviews both internally and nationally, testifies in court regarding forensic interviews, and ensures the use of state-of-the art methodologies in the forensic interview department.  Colleen has conducted trainings of social workers, attorneys, mental health and medical professionals on the Children’s Advocacy Center model, engaging and interviewing child witnesses, and the dynamics of child sexual abuse.


Before coming to PCA in 2010, Colleen worked in Philadelphia’s child welfare system in foster/kinship care and adoptions.  Colleen enjoys that as Manager of Forensic Services she is able to create a safe space for children to be able to talk about their experiences.


Colleen holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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