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prevention. healing. justice. 

The Philadelphia Children’s Alliance is dedicated to ensuring that all children in Philadelphia are safe from abuse.  PCA’s mission is to lead a coordinated response to achieve safety, healing, justice, and prevention for children and families impacted by the adverse childhood experiences of sexual abuse, exploitation, and violence. 

THANK YOU for an amazing bear affair 2023!

We extend our deep gratitude to everyone who attended and donated to our annual Bear Affair fundraiser. This was our biggest and best event yet, and we thank you for your enthusiasm and joyfulness as we raised necessary funds to further our reach and deepen our impact.


Please take a moment to click the link and view our new Caregiver Testimonial video, which provides insight into the trauma experienced by the entire family of an abused child and how PCA stands in the gap to navigate them toward healing and justice.

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Click here

to read a story about how the Alliance takes families through a comprehensive process to report abuse and find healing.

PCA in the NewS
Neighborhood Partners in Prevention

PCA's funding comes entirely from competitive government grants, the Center's Corporate 20 Partners, and the generous philanthropy of individuals, corporations, and foundations. Together with this tremendous support, we are strengthening the children and families whose lives are impacted by child sexual abuse.

OUR Impact

PCA conducted 1,041 forensic interviews; supplied various support services to 1,241 caregivers; referred 758 children for mental health therapy; provided on-site counseling therapy to 120 children; and performed 330 medical exams.


end child abuse

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