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During Fiscal Year 2021, the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance responded to 1,724 reports of child sexual abuse; conducted 1,041 forensic interviews; supplied various support services to 1,241 caregivers; referred 758 children for mental health therapy; provided on-site counseling therapy to 120 children; and performed 330 medical exams.


These kinds of numbers make it clear that we are meeting an incredible need here in Philadelphia. But PCA brings something more to the table. While we are the only Child Advocacy Center in Philly, our leadership goes beyond city limits: we are a national best standards model for peer agencies throughout the northeastern United States, helping them develop their own children’s advocacy centers (to learn more visit


PCA’s vision is to work with our partners so that all of Philadelphia’s sexually abused children receive the care they need and the justice they deserve.


PCA’s values guide the behavior and are the principles by which decisions are made: Protection, Truth, Promoting Resiliency, Access and Systemic Influence.


The Philadelphia Children’s Alliance (PCA) is dedicated to ensuring that all children in Philadelphia are safe from abuse.  PCA’s mission is to lead a coordinated response to achieve safety, healing, justice, and prevention for children and families impacted by the adverse childhood experiences of sexual abuse, exploitation, and violence. 


We are

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